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The Estate

One family

At the beginning, in 1984, were Jean-Claude and Marie-Chantal Courtault. Since 2007, together with husband Vincent Michelet, their daughter Stéphanie has been working with them. They all share the same passion for Chablis wines.

Two estates

Domaine Jean-Claude Courtault is a familly business. This Domaine has now 20 hectares and produces Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru, Chablis Grand Cru.
Stéphanie and Vincent have developed their own vineyard. Domaine Stéphanie et Vincent Michelet is an almost 7 hectares estate producing Petit Chablis (6 hectares) and Chablis (almost 1 hectare).

The two domains work in synergy and complement each other by proposing different wines by their terroir (soil) and by the age of vines.
Vincent leads the two vineyards, winemaking is done together with Jean-Claude, Vincent and Stéphanie, Stéphanie insures the marketing of the wines of the two domains.

Tradition and Modernity

These dynamic estates aim to fuse tradition with modernity.

- Tradition : through the wine-grower’s expertise and the vinification process

- Modernity : the use of a modern storehouse and up-to-date equipment that gets the best from the grapes and creates optimal conditions for vinification.

The wines of Domaines Courtault & Michelet are particularly renowned for their strong fruit character, the wine-grower’s signature, if you like. These wines are regularly singled out for their quality, as can be seen in the Guide Hachette and various competitions - Concours de Paris, Mâcon, Vignerons Indépendants… 

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