The 4 seasons at the Estate Jean-Claude Courtault

As with every profession, wine-making is subject to the laws of nature and the vagaries of climatic conditions. Each Spring, the wine-grower watches out for the frosts that could potentially devastate the fragile, barely opened buds. In Summer-time, the rumble of thunderstorms and the hail they can bring is another cause for concern. 

But then Autumn finally comes, and with it, the joy of the harvest. Nascent vintages take shape in the cellars, with the greatest of attention and care being lavished upon them over the Winter period. 

Meanwhile, outdoors, the vines are being pruned in preparation for the next harvest. 

And so the age-old cycle begins once more…

Press mentions and awards

Click here to see the list of the distinctions earned by the vineyard over the last 10 years (PDF format).

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